CSR Sterilization Wraps

    AMED CSR Sterilization Wraps provide a material to wrap instruments and equipment for autoclave sterilization. They are designed to provide excellent barrier properties against both air and waterborne bacteria. They also provide a high degree of either wet or dry tensile strength. AMED CSR Sterilization Wraps feature soft, cloth-like sheets that are easy to use and available in various sizes.  

Features and Benefits
• Designed to work with both steam and ethylene oxide (EO) sterilization processes
• Helps to ensure protection against aqueous and airborne contamination
• Natural cellulose material provides durability and tear resistance • Soft, flexible material to make wrapping easy  
• Not made with natural rubber latex

• Steam sterilization up to a temperature of 137ºc.
• Ethylene oxide procedures up to a temperature of 65ºc.
• Compatible with plasma sterilization procedures, using the J&J Sterradsystem or a suitable alternative.


Envelope Style


Parcel Style


Simultaneous or Sequential Style



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