Disposable Sugical Products

Our mission is to be recognized as a world-class, results-driven global organization that operates as a collaborative partner with our clients, employees and supply community members. We will continuously challenge ourselves to improve our value proposition by enhancing our capabilities to develop, manufacture, source, and market specialty products and materials for medical and industrial applications. We will work diligently to achieve new levels of excellence that exceed our customer’s expectations.


Point-of-Care Flexibility 

Organize supplies to free up more room.
• Space planning and design
• Ancillary services and off-site storage.


Striving For Better

• Innovative designs that help provide
superior protection and performance
while controlling cost
• Solutions that match the needs of the
latest surgical methods, technologies
and equipment
• Flexibility to customize solutions based
on the evolving needs of surgeons and
clinicians worldwide. 


Enhanced Products

Provide more effective tools.
• Evidence-based products
• Co-creation of innovative solutions
Clinical evaluation. 

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